Door Types

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Door Types

Canopy Door

These operate in vertical tracks on the door side-frame, and when fully opened forms a canopy of about one-third of the door’s height above the opening.

Retractable Door

These are guided by horizontal tracks inside the garage, and recedes completely (for 6’6” high doors) when fully opened

Steel Side Hinged Doors

There is a range of traditional side-hinged doors, either ‘half to half split’ or ‘third to two-third’ split.

Sectional Doors

These are opened by a vertical lift action, guided by fixed vertical and horizontal tracks, the sectional door has the advantage of having no out-swing when opened or closed, allowing for close parking either side of the door. Ideal for use with larger vehicles, sectional doors are also weathersealed when installed.

Radio remote-controlled electric operation

This is possible with all new Garador up & over and sectional doors using the Autodor range of automatic openers.